We Build Homes, not Houses

Since the beginning, Homes By Deesign has been building homes of the highest quality. It is our belief that a home should be a haven for its owner(s), not a burden. A traditional mortgage has a term of thirty years, in that time the homeowner should need only to spend money on the house payment, not maintenance.

For over 20 years we have successfully developed a building program that consistently delivers the highest quality home. We have turned a great deal of attention towards delivering an unsurpassed level of value as well. “Value” is a term that a consumer will see used in all literature from home builders. It would appear that it is one of those catch phrases. The question that you should ask is “What do they mean by “value”.

At Homes By Deesign value is a concept. One that has many components and when properly assembled will leave you knowing that you acquired more than you paid for. Much more than you would have gotten from any other builder!

Value is also closely linked to price. What do you get for your hard earned money? This is the easiest way for you to compare several different builders at once. Please pay close attention when doing this. At Homes by Deesign, our standard features list has everything that most homebuyers want, included in the price of the home. The larger corporate builders have this part of their smoke and mirrors campaign down to a science.

The corporate builders will lure you in with a low price. Especially a low cost per square foot. It is only after you are in the buying process that you realize that the low price is based on a shell of a house. It seems that everything is an option with additional cost. For example, a garage door opener is an option. The electric outlet that you need to operate the garage door opener is an option. The supply line for the ice maker in the refrigerator is a $250.00 option. A light switch used to turn on a light in a bedroom is an option. The light is an option. If you want a fan/light combination in the room this is another option. They believe that you could get by without a garage door opener, ice maker, outlet for a washer or dryer, ceiling mounted lighting, fans, etc.

We suggest that you make a list of all the options that are offered from the different builders. Be sure to get real prices for each one of those options, not a package price. Then make a list of the standard features offered by the different builders. Now you can make a side by side comparison. You will see that the end price of the equally equipped corporate house will be significantly higher than a Homes by Deesign home.